Online Restaurant Booking Software

With our dynamic online booking widget, you are ready to accept & manage online restaurant reservations from your website, Facebook page and any listing site on the web. 


Our online booking software communicates on your behalf and drives business directly to you without any online booking fees.

Unique Online Restaurant Reservations Concept

If you take reservations for tables, seats, rooms, people or really anything, we can most likely provide a solution for you.

Hanging restaurant platform from Riga, Latvia.

Dinner In The Sky

All restaurants are unique in one manner or another.  However this concept, to celebrate some occasion in Latvia, is as extreme as we've seen.

Our customer facing online widget, as well as email and text confirmations are customizable to be relevent to your application.

Winery Afternoon

Wineries can have 3-4 different reservation concepts with both public and private member access.

We can handle bookings for tours, tastings, cellar events, cooking classes, the dining room, and more.

Outdoor winery tasting with food paring

Online Booking System

This widget is easily added to one of your website pages so your brand is maintained during the online booking process. 

Widget colors can me matched to the restaurant brand.


Online promotion features can be added to encourage guests to book into off-peak time slots.  This results in potentially more table turns turning busy meal periods.


Closed days are shaded out and fully booked time slots appear in red.  

Live widget - Give it a try

Improve Customer Relations

When a customer makes a successful online booking, their reservation is instantly added to your Reserved Dining reservations diary. 


Fully personalized confirmation email and/or SMS (text) 

confirmations are also instantly sent to each customer, giving them peace of mind.

Unlike some web-booking providers, who store (and use) your customer's details for their own purposes, we'll never do so.


Customer details are fed directly into your reservations system for your use only and we'll never approach your customers directly.

The online booking system can send email ot text confirmations
Image of the standard online booking widget that can be matched to the restaurant web design

Online Reservation System Not Just For Restaurants

Although we are proud of our systems, it's about you, not us.

That’s why Reserved Dining offers a completely brand-free interface.  Your customers will never see our name or brand, just a user-friendly interface.


What’s more, the color-scheme can be altered to match your website and your brand. 


For unique reservation businesses, a number of the widget field names can be changed to suit your hospitality application.


Customer Facing Widget Offers Hospitality Marketing Solutions 

Custom Designed Widget

For reasons that make sense to this restaurant, they have separated the widget into 6 distinct steps.

The rational was based on the demographics of their customer base and the booking options the restaurant provides.

They were able to increase online bookings by 35% within 2 months.  This relates directly to labor cost or load on their host staff.

Screen shot of custom online booking widget
Screen shot of custom designed online widget

Customer Profile Driven Widget

Based on the make-up of your business clientele the widget template can be used to either comply with regional occupancy regulations or to better serve your customers.


Your web designer can create your custom widget using industry standard soap/xml protocol.  

What Online Reservation Software Solution Can We Provide For You?