Is Your Restaurant Smart Phone Ready?

Recent increases in mobile searches for restaurant reservations accelerate the need for responsive or mobile ready websites, along with text messaging capabilities.

End users increase use of smart phones for restaurant reservations
Mobile usage increase in restaurant searches

Word of mouth referrals once was one of the best ways for restaurants to get noticed. Now, with the universal access and use of smart phones, a restaurant's web profile - ease of use and page speed form a necessary base line.

Restaurant operators know how important it is to constantly find ways to bring in new customers and continually remind existing customers you are still around.  So maintaining a strong online presence is essential. Most restaurant operators know that a website is an essential first step along with social media activity. Now, they need to consider the use of smart phones and how this fits into your their marketing strategy.

Website Ease of Use

Online users get frustrated very quickly when a website forces them to scroll up and down, left and right, plus enlarge or zoom out, just to find what they are looking for.  Online reservation seekers will quickly abandon sites like these. Well designed websites will automatically reposition the restaurant content for the device being used for the search.


Email reservation notifications and customer communications is rapidly being replaced by text messaging. In the far east, email is basically dead as a means of timely communications. Text messaging has a cost component that's borne by the restaurant either on a per text basis or bundled into software provider's overall pricing.

On either front, if you haven't made the move, time is marching on.

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