Owners Shelve Manual Restaurant Reservations Book For Online Reservation Systems

Some restaurant owners have resisted automation to their detriment. The vast majority of diners expect to be able to book a restaurant online and receive a professional email or text confirmation. With the number of companies offering reservation software there is sure to be one that's suitable for every situation.

Given that prices have come down over the past two years, there really should not be any financial obstacle to upgrading and the benefits are instantaneous.

Unfortunately, many restaurants were burned by systems that allowed unrestricted online bookings to be made on the restaurant website. This caused real havoc with staff who had to scramble to find space for the bookings.

Reluctant restaurant owners have found that they can quickly transition to an online reservations book that simply manages bookings and still leaves table management to the restaurant. This simple step means that owners can now have an integrated customer database and track visits, customer preferences and many other details that can help in delivering better customer service.

An added benefit from automation and online bookings is the reduction in staff hours devoted to the manual process. Restaurants have found that upwards of 50% of their bookings soon transition to web bookings within the first three months.

When ready, the owners can take the next step in automation and upgrade to software that handles restaurant seating and table management. This opens up a whole new level of efficiencies that restaurants can benefit from.

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