Res Lite - Restaurant Waitlist App

ResEasy user taking it easy with feet up at their desk
  • Res Lite has all the basics you'll ever need

  • No bells and whistles you'll never use

  • Everything you need in one managed screen

    • Walk-ins

    • Wait-list & call ahead

    • Current and future reservation management

    • Email or text guest communications

    • Guest seating

    • Server sections with four turn settings

    • Guest profiles, preferences and booking messages

    • Automated table assignment & optimization

    • Receive daily operational reports

Use Res Lite as a simple Restaurant Reservation Book, Restaurant Wait Time App or a complete Restaurant Reservation system. 

It's entirely up to you. 

restaurant reservationist with headset

Booking Confirmations

  • Automatic and scheduled confirmations by email and text.

  • Active wait-list management with email and text messaging.

  • Optimized, in-session flexibility and management.

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Reservation Options

  • Cloud based - use multiple devices, run multiple locations, share a common customer database.

  • Fully secured so you can control who has access to which location and security level.

  • Limit online access or not, it' entirely up to you.

Horizontal slider showing RES table optimization

Optimized Table Inventory

  • Powerful algorithms actively manages your table availability, taking into account tables of different sizes, shape and seating durations. 

  • All the while, recognizing subtle meal period characteristics on different days.

reserved dining customer profile

Extensive CRM

  • Complete guest profile, guest preferences and guest history.

  • Your guests are your lifeline, make sure staff know your customers as well as you do.  

Girl making online restaurant reservation on her laptop

Online Booking Software

We make online bookings simple and informative for your customers. Different software formats and options allow us to streamline the booking process to suit your brand.

We use the power of social media to enhance your business and help reach new customers. This organic approach will help build your customer base and protect your brand from 3rd party poachers.

Maximize Table Turns By Optimizing Restaurant Seating

All your tables are booked but you have 15-20 empty seats.

Sound familiar?  This won't happen again with ResEasy.

Automated Table Shuffle | Seating Priority | Table Optimization  

Simple To Use

  • From simple walk-ins to extreme table optimization.

  • Everything that's really needed in a reservation management system.

  • All for for one economical price.​

Main ResEasy screen with table map
ResEasy detail booking screen

Complete RES Details

  • Enter as much customer detail (or as little) as you wish. 

  • Create associations to companies or groups. 

  • Define customer's communication preference.

  • Track promotions and events. 

Wait List Management

  • Simple wait list entry and time slot reference. 

  • Search for customer name or use generic label. 

  • Plenty of room for customer details. 

  • Scan feature to automatically find next available time.

Adding a guest to the waitlist

Res Lite - Restaurant Reservation App Features


Online Bookings

ResEasy auto table assignment and shuffle optimization

Auto Table Shuffle

Gift box related to celebration notifications with ResEasy


Texting image for table ready texts

Table Ready Texts

Walk-in customer going in restaurant door.


ResEasy seating priority slider

Seating Priority

Pencil taking reservations notes

Booking Notes 

Image of three people showing how ResEasy handles different table duration times

Party Size Durations

Booking calendar for restaurant events

Special Events

ResEasy table optimization slider

Table Optimization

Profile of restaurant customer

Guest Profiles

Symbol for cloud database for ResEasy customer data

Customer Database

Waitlist clipboard that's replaced by iPad or tablet with ResEasy software


Blue ribbon representing VIP customers

Track VIPs

Shield for security features in ResEasy

Staff Security

Multiple pages transmittng via the automated report feature in ResEasy

Automated Reports

ResEasy booking graph for table optimization

Table Management & Optimization

  • Easy to swap bookings. 

  • Shorten or extend duration times based on table status. 

  • Squeeze feature shows available "shortened time-slot options.

  • Easy to assign tables to wait list guests.

See Why Res Lite Can Be A Solution For You

Without all the bells and whistles, Res Lite can be the solution your're looking for.

Tables are pre-assigned automatically by Res Lite and done efficiently so you turn more tables.

Let us show you how we can help you ensure each table is as profitable as it should be.